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Hornets Vs. Wizards: Hornets Win 92-81 In Washington

In the first NBA meeting between star point guards John Wall and Chris Paul, the 2006 Rookie of the Year prevailed in the end.

Wall and the Wizards got off to a hot start. The rookie wasn't phased by two early foul calls as he earned five points and four assists in the first six minutes. Wall looked quick, beating Paul on a left-handed jam. Wall finished with 12 points and 10 assists, just off the pace of Paul's 13 points and 11 assists.

The Wizards had a 13 point lead midway through the second quarter, but the home team fell apart late in the half, giving up a 12-4 run for the Hornets. The Wizards never recovered, scoring only 15 points in the third quarter and 19 in the fourth.

Nick Young continues to be productive for the Wizards as the starting shooting guard since the departure of Gilbert Arenas. Young led all scorers with 24 points in the losing effort. Trevor Ariza had 22 points and one gigantic second half dunk for the Hornets to lead the team to victory.