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Wizards Vs. Kings: After Dominating First Quarter, Wizards Trail The Kings 56-54 At The Half

After the first half, the Wizards trail the Sacramento Kings in what was a tale of two quarters.

The first quarter was one completely dominated by the Wizards. At one point they had a twenty point advantage and it looked like Washington would be on it's way to a rare blowout of the opposition. The Wizards outscored the Kings 38-19 in the first quarter and Washington was shooting the ball as well as it ever has this season. 

The second quarter, however, was a different story. Despite being down by a relatively large margin early, the Kings stormed right back. They outscored the Wizards 37-16 in the second quarter with John Wall's former Kentucky teammate, DeMarcus Cousins, really beginning to assert himself. It was another disappointing stretch for the Wizards in a season full of them. 

Nick Young was the leading scorer of the half with 17 points, with Wall, Andray Blatche, and Rashard Lewis chipping in with 8 points a piece.

It goes without saying that the Wizards need to regain their first quarter form if they wish to regain the lead in this game.