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The Wizards And Their Surprising MLK Day Success

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Happy MLK Day, everybody! Today is obviously a day to remember the life and times of Martin Luther King Jr., and no league does it better than the NBA. There's a full slate of games today, and of course, the Washington Wizards are involved. As per their custom, they are playing at home, as they go up against Deron Williams and the 27-13 Utah Jazz.

It would be tempting to write off the Wizards' chances, but be careful. If recent history is any indication, the Wizards may well pull the upset. They are actually 4-1 in their past five Martin Luther King Jr. Day games, including some wins over some elite teams. 

Last season, the Wizards defeated the Portland Trail Blazers 97-92, leading most of the way to get the win. They lost two seasons ago to Golden State, but won in their previous three years. In 2008, they topped an outstanding Dallas Mavericks team 102-84. In 2006, they beat the Philadelphia 76ers. Finally, who can forget 2007, when Gilbert Arenas' dagger game-winner allowed the Wizards to beat these very same Utah Jazz 114-111. 

Dr. King must love the Wizards. They have a history of playing their best on this very day.

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