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Jazz Vs. Wizards: John Wall Has 10 Assists As Wizards Lead 42-39 At Halftime

John Wall entered today's game against the Utah Jazz battling injury concerns. Those clearly haven't slowed him down in this game. Wall already has 11 points and 10 assists at halftime as the Wizards lead the Utah Jazz [] at halftime. 

Wall hasn't been perfect, since he has six turnovers as well, but he's quenched any doubt that his injuries were limiting his play. Wall has been helped by some hot shooting from two key Wizards big men. Andray Blatche has 12 points after a hot start, and Yi Jianlian hit his first four shots and has eight points on the afternoon. Overall, the Wizards are shooting 53 percent from the floor, and would be ahead by much more if they didn't commit a staggering 14 turnovers.

The Jazz have struggled, shooting just 36 percent from the field. Deron Williams has nine points and C.J. Miles has eight off the bench, but nobody has shot well. Al Jefferson is just 3-7 from the floor, while Paul Millsap is just 1-5. 

The Wizards are looking for their fifth win in their last six MLK Day games.