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VIDEO: JaVale McGee's Alley-Oop Slam Against The Utah Jazz

Everyone seems to assume the NBA Slam Dunk Contest will end up being a landslide victory for Blake Griffin. And yet, JaVale McGee keeps finding a way to show people why he should be a legitimate threat in the event.

Here's him doing it once again. This was a fast break in the third quarter of the Wizards' win over the Utah Jazz. See JaVale catch the ball sideways and still contort his body to slam it down on the break. John Wall delivered a great pass, but let's be honest: Wall could have thrown that anywhere and it would have worked. McGee also held off Raja Bell, who was on his way to undercutting him.

It's getting to the point where JaVale will need to do some crazy alley-oop dunks in the dunk contest to have a chance. Clearly, he does them well.

Relive the whole thing in .gif form, via John Townsend.