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John Wall Offers More Evidence That The Wizards Have A Special Player

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John Wall entered the Wizards' MLK Day game against the Utah Jazz dealing with physical pain and mental frustration. One could argue it was a key moment in the rookie's development. He could sit down and get healthy, or he could push through. In the end, he pushed through and put together an outstanding performance in the team's 108-101 win.

Wall wasn't perfect, but with 19 points and 15 assists, he was very good. Most importantly, when the Jazz tightened up the game, Wall got the Wizards settled and made this incredible cross-court pass to Nick Young to seal the game.

Afterwards, we found out that Wall made a request to Flip Saunders: fine me if I look like I'm moping. Via Michael Lee and Pro Basketball Talk:

Wall had urged Saunders to be harder on him two weeks ago, asking him to keep pushing him to get better, because, "I want to be a great point guard." He even asked to receive fines whenever he starts to pout, sulk or show frustration during games.

"It ain't too much," Wall said of the fines, "but it's enough to keep my pockets empty. I don't want to lose that money."

This kid is special. Let's appreciate him.

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