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The Wizards Probably Can't Set The Record For Road Futility

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The Wizards are now an almost incomprehensible 0-20 on the road. It's a long NBA season, you would think that at this point the Wiz would have been able to catch at least one team off their game when they traveled to their building. But no. 20 up, 20 down.

Which got me thinking, do the Wizards have a chance to break the NBA single season record for road futility? Well, there is good and bad news on that front. The good news is that they probably don't have a chance to break that record. The bad news is that a pretty familiar franchise already owns that distinction.

During the 1953-54 season the then Baltimore Bullets finished the season 0-20. Which makes it kind of eerie that I chose to look up that record on today of all days, don't you think?

The Wizards probably won't break that record, or at least I hope so. They have another 21 games on the road, and conventional wisdom says that they will win at least one of them. *fingers crossed*

The Wizards will certainly have more road losses than that Bullets team did, but we're going to evaluate this on a winning percentage scale, which I think is the only way to do it.

That should make you feel a little bit better about where the Wizards are. Maybe not that much better, but at least they won't go down as the absolute worst team in NBA history on the road. Probably.

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* - I had to break the thesaurus out because I have used the term "debacle" too many times to describe a Wizards road performance.