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Wizards Vs. Suns: Nick Young Scores 20 First Half Points As Wizards Lead By 1

We entered tonight's game talking about the matchup between star point guards John Wall and Steve Nash. So who knew then that the clear star entering halftime would be Nick Young? Fans who have been watching the Wizards closely recently. That's who.

Young has 20 of the Wizards' 53 points at halftime, and Washington currently leads the Phoenix Suns by one point.

The criticism that Young scores so many of his points in garbage time of losing games definitely doesn't apply tonight. He's made four of seven three-pointers and is shooting just over 50% from the field.

Andray Blatche and Rashard Lewis have also each come up big for Washington with 10 points apiece. Grant Hill leads all Phoenix players with 10 points as well.

After allowing Nash to record a season-high 17 points in their first meeting, Wall has gotten the better of the veteran so far. The rookie has 10 assists to Nash's eight, also chipping in four points in the first half.

The Wizards are going to need more production from their bench though in the second 24 minutes of tonight's game if they want to hold onto their slim lead. They earned only seven points from the bench in the first half, while the Suns had 18 points, including eight from center Marcin Gortat.