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Wizards Vs. Suns: Wizards Fall Behind And Lose 109-91

The Wizards' slim lead at halftime didn't last long at the Verizon Center this time around. The Suns took over in the second half, and a game that looked close at halftime, didn't turn out to be that way.

Channing Frye of the Suns and Nick Young of the Wizards each had 25 points and eight rebounds, but only one of them was able to do enough to win. The Suns received bigger contributions from their role players and a whole lot more help from the bench in their 109-91 win on the road.

John Wall had a pretty attractive stat line - 11 points and 14 assists - but as discussed by Mike Prada on Bullets Forever, he didn't show enough aggression.

Wall had a lot of assists, but he has to realize that you have to be a threat to score and drive in this league. Early in the second quarter, he had a wide open layup, and instead decided to kick it out to Al Thornton for a 20-foot jumper. That was a harbinger, as he constantly looked to pass, even though Steve Nash was on him. For all of his speed, Wall is still not very good at being deceptive in the half court. Nash was able to stay in front of him a lot, and that shouldn't happen.

And as if that weren't enough, Kirk Heinrich left the game in the fourth quarter with what looked to be a pretty significant injury. According to Michael Lee of the Washington Post, Heinrich wasn't able to lift his right arm as he departed for the locker room.

The only good news for the Wizards tonight is that they won't have to dwell in this defeat for long. The Wizards will have the chance to knock off the Boston Celtics tomorrow night at Verizon Center.