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Nuggets Vs. Wizards: Denver Scoring At Will, Leads 68-56 At Halftime

The Washington Wizards are playing like they are in their fourth game in five nights, and it has showed on the defensive end. The Wizards are getting lit up by the Denver Nuggets, trailing 68-56 at halftime.

The Nuggets are shooting 58 percent from the field and already have five players in double figures. Chauncey Billups and Nene have 15 points each, Arron Afflalo has 11 and Carmelo Anthony has 10. Point guard Ty Lawson added 12 points off the bench to account for most of the offense. The Nuggets have hit six of nine from behind the three-point line and have already attempted 21 free throws.

The Wizards are also shooting 58 percent from the field, but have shot themselves in the foot in other ways. They haven't made a three-pointer and have only gotten to the free-throw line 11 times. Andray Blatche leads the way with 17 points, but just two of those came in the second quarter. Nick Young added 15 points, but nobody else really has shown up. John Wall has just four points (though he does have five assists), and Rashard Lewis has just two points.

The Wizards did get a highlight play from Trevor Booker to end the half. He dribbled the ball up the floor, turned and banked in a 22-foot jumper while being guarded by two players to cut the lead to 68-56.