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Carmelo Anthony Says Wizards Weren't Interested In Trading For Him

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I was at the Verizon Center last night covering the Wizards-Nuggets game, and got a chance to see the Carmelo Anthony circus close up. No, I'm not talking about the game, of course. I'm talking about the way reporters jostle for space to talk to him after the game about all the trade rumors involving him. At this point, it's clear that Anthony is used to the daily trade questions. He had a PR-friendly answer ready for every question, and ultimately, we got little actual information.

The only slight exception was when the Wizards were brought up. Anthony, of course, is from Baltimore, so there's always some who think he could come "home" to play in D.C. However, when asked about that possibility, Anthony said this:

"I never really heard about the Wizards being interested in me. That's real talk."

Except, of course, it's not actually "real talk." As Michael Lee notes, the Wizards were indeed somewhat interested in him, enough so that they placed a call to the Nuggets over the summer. The truth is that Anthony is not interested in the Wizards. As Lee notes:

A person close to Anthony told me recently that the 26-year-old forward didn't want to play for the Wizards because the team is "too close" to home. I've had that confirmed from several people who have spoken to Anthony.    

Later, in the scrum, Anthony all but confirmed that fact, even if he didn't mean to do so. He was asked about playing in his hometown, and he responded, "They ain't giving Baltimore no team." I guess that officially means the dream is dead. Now, let's all move on.

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