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Wizards Vs. Thunder: Washington Dominates First Quarter, Oklahoma City Dominates Second

So what if the Washington Wizards are 0-21 on the road and 0-4 all-time against the Oklahoma City Thunder? With JaVale McGee staying home in D.C. with the flu, the Wizards have showed up big in the opening minutes tonight.

The Wizards finished the first quarter with a 29-21 lead, without suffering a single turnover. John Wall looked to be in total control, with six points and four assists in the first 12 minutes of action.

Washington's lead blossomed to 12 points early in the second quarter, led by Rashard Lewis' 10 points, but the Thunder unsurprisingly came back as Kevin Durant persisted to take advantage of some poor defensive efforts from Al Thornton. The Thunder would go on to outscore the Wizards 35-23 in the second quarter, finishing the half with a four point lead.

Oklahoma City's two biggest stars have turned in solid performances so far. Durant has 14 points to lead all scorers, while Russell Westbrook has 13 points, seven assists, and six rebounds. Nick Young is leading the Wizards at the break with 11 points.