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VIDEO: Nick Young Block, Save Vs. Mavericks Was Awesome

NBA purists love to talk about how a block that results in possession is much more valuable than a swat out of bounds, no matter how ferocious. Somehow in this highlight Nick Young managed to do both.

Feast your eyes on this Nick Young block and subsequent save. Sure, the half in which it occurred saw Young make just two of his nine shots and scored five points. But hey, the man is hustling for the Wizards -- on defense no less.

Hold on. That's plenty of words. There's video after the jump courtesy of friend of the blog, @outsidethenba.


So much to like here, not least of which is the quick outlet from Yi Jianlian after he received the surprise pass. Heads up play from the big man to ignite the break.

But back to the actual play. The focus and athleticism needed to pull this off is impressive. So is the court awareness used to find Yi for the save.

It was impressive that Young stuck with the play here, facing a two-on-one break led by Jason Kidd. Normally that is considered easy points. Guess that talk about defense with Flip Saunders really struck a chord.