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Washington D.C. Sports In 2010 Was Full Of Amazing .GIFs

As far as the Internet is concerned, 2010 may have been the year of the animated .gif. It became really popular and easy for anyone to take a couple seconds of video and turn it into a picture that loops over and over again. Naturally, everyone started picking out hilarious short clips to create animated .gifs, making the Internet much more fun.

To commemorate this, SB Nation's Jon Bois counted down the best animated sports .gifs of the year. You can read the whole series of posts here, especially if you need to kill time at work. I'll admit that I slacked off getting through the whole thing, but it's brilliant.

It's especially relevant, though, for us D.C. sports fans. Why? Three of the top six .gifs, including the top one, have to do with D.C. sports. Stephen Strasburg's nasty slider in his debut game was No. 6, Donovan McNabb's facepalm was No. 4 and our favorite, Albert Haynesworth, took the top spot for falling down in the Eagles game. Throw in a JaVale McGee play that was in the top 45, and D.C. sports accounted for nearly 10 percent of the places on the list. All four .gifs are below the jump: