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Andray Blatche's Haircut 'Signifies My Life'


When our own Mike Prada talked with Andray Blatche about the swirls in his new haircut, we expected the answer to be a little less serious. "Just som'thin' different, ya know? Legggooooo!" Something like that.

Instead, this was Blatche's response:

"It signifies my life," he said. "My life is a rollercoaster. Up and down, round and round. Everything that's going on in my life is right here right now."

"When everything goes back to normal, I'll have a straight haircut," he continued. "[But] If it keeps going the way it's going, more of my head is going to be like this, and I won't have any more room yet. Hopefully my life will get in order and I'll have a straight regular cut."

Well okay then. I guess all the other players on the floor without swirls on their heads haven't had much difficulty in their lives.

This comes the same day as Blatche telling 106.7 The Fan that he doesn't get any results from weightlifting.

Blatche is a quirky guy, and that's fine. It's kind of funny. But when his quirks seem to affect his play on the court, as sometimes appears to be the case, Blatche should understand when fans call for the Wizards to trade him. The new question then is whether or not Blatche is sinking his trade value with his recent play and odd interviews.