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Wizards Vs. Nets: Washington Leads By 19 At Halftime

The Wizards are looking to get back on track with this home game, and they seem to be halfway there. The Wizards lead the Nets by 19 points at halftime at the Verizon Center.

Three Washington players are already in double-figures after 24 minutes. Rashard Lewis leads all scorers with 13 points, JaVale McGee added 11 points, and Andray Blatche contributed 10 points and six rebounds. John Wall also chipped in with six assists in the first half, as the Verizon Center has begun to hang up an "A" for each Wall assist. As if he were Stephen Strasburg throwing strikes or something.

Brook Lopez was the leading scorer in the first half for New Jersey as he chipped in with 10 points.  Jordan Farmar of th eNets has also turned in a quality performance so far, with eight points and three rebounds off the bench in the first half.

The highlight of the half was this alley-oop from Wall to McGee, our resident slam dunk specialist. Perhaps the most important stat of the first half though is .295. That was the Nets' shooting percentage as the Wizards continue to display an improved defense. If they can keep that up in the second half, they might just have another win.