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Wizards Vs. Bobcats: Washington Trails The Bobcats 49-46 After One Half

After one half, the Wizards are trailing the Bobcats 49-46 in John Wall's homecoming to his home state of Carolina. Although the Wizards have trailed the majority of the half, they have hung in there, refusing to go away despite the early deficit.

The leading scorer so far for Washington is, guess who, John Wall. Number 2 is 6-10 shooting with 12 points and 6 assists. Fellow point guard Kirk Heinrich has done his part as well, chipping in with 8 points off of the bench. Center JaVale McGee and forward Andray Blatche have also chipped in with 6 points a piece. 

The Wizards are only down by 3, but if they can continue to fight , perhaps they can shock the world, and finally win a road game this season. Maybe that could be asking for too much, but it would sure be a huge relief for these Wizards.