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Wizards Vs. Bobcats: Wizards Extend Their Road Losing Streak To 18 As They Fall To Bobcats 104-89

Add one more loss to the Wizards road losing streak.

The Wizards lost their 18th consecutive road game tonight as they fell to the Bobcats 104-89 . Despite this being John Wall's return to his home state of North Carolina, he and his Wizards were unable to get out of their rut when it comes to road games. 

The Wizards were in the game for much of the first two and a half quarters, but then began to do the things that bad teams do. After holding a slim third quarter lead, the Wizards began to turn the ball over, play terrible defense, and were unable to execute much of an offense in the fourth quarter. All of that added up to a dreadful final quarter, and yet again, another road loss.

Kirk Hinrich led the team with 18 points, while Wall had 16 points and 11 assists. 

The Wizards will have another crack at ending their road losing streak in two games when they take on the Timberwolves in Minnesota.