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Important NBA Lockout Question: Will Andray Blatche Get Fat?

Over at The Basketball Jones, the incomparable Trey Kerby answers an important question: Who will be this lockout's Shawn Kemp? Or, phrased differently, which player is going to put on the most weight during the NBA Lockout?

Naturally, the Washington Wizards own Andray Blatche showed up on the list. Hit the jump for jokes on jokes on jokes.

Take it away, Mr. Kerby:

Andray Blatche (20-1): These odds are too low, but he’s also already kind of Johnny Weightgain so there isn’t anywhere he can really go. Dude loves his Chipotle, but he’s also been doing that Andray Blatche thing where he seems really committed to trying hard this year. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and not be surprised if he gets super fat.

There are eight players on the list so Blatche is a dark-horse, if you're the kind of person who likes to place imaginary money on fake bets. Get to it!