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VIDEO: John Wall Says He Wants To Be 'Best Point Guard To Ever Play The Game'

I know we already noted John Wall's new Reebok commercial for his Reebok Zig Encore shoe line in the space just below this, but there's really no such thing as John Wall overkill. That's especially because of what the Washington Wizards' point guard said in a video produced by Reebok about the new shoe line. Michael Lee of the Washington Post noticed it and smartly pointed it out.

While explaining the design for his first signature shoe, Wall makes a very strong statement with relative nonchalance: "I just want to be the best point guard to ever play the game."

It happens so quickly (go to the eight-second mark of the video below) that you barely even notice it. Part of that is how the video itself is cut, but part of it is because Wall himself doesn't see the big deal in saying it. This isn't like Rex Grossman declaring the Redskins would win the NFC East, where you almost sensed that he was getting himself hyped up more than anything. This was Wall saying it because he sees it as no big deal. If he works hard, he thinks he can get there. Good for him.

Maybe he won't eclipse Magic Johnson or some other greats. Then again, the last young point guard to make a bold statement was Derrick Rose before last season. Look how that worked out.