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PHOTO: Andray Blatche Models Some Clothing, Is A 'Dream Killer'

Andray Blatche has a clothing deal, and here's the part where you can insert your own punchline. It's with a company called Eight and Nine Designs, which advertises itself as follows:

8&9 is a young, conscious, independent clothing company. We’re real people, with real principles. Street kids that work for ourselves, doing what we like, not what advertisers try to shovel us. Our inspiration comes from our lifestyle, music, sneakers, art, pop & sub cultures to create relevant products you can appreciate on multiple levels. Thanks to you and your support, we’ve made it this far with no outside help, minimal resources and little more than commitment to progression and passion for our business.

As part of this clothing deal, Blatche apparently gets to model their special "Dream Killer" T-shirt line, which was inspired by the 1991 classic Boyz N The Hood. How's that for an NBA lockout job? You're going to want to see these pictures, folks.

(via @Napps126)