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John Wall May Want To Try The Slam Dunk Contest Sometime

John Wall held a press conference on Wednesday to unveil his new Reebok Zig Encore and J Wall apparel line. After the press conference, I Am A GM spoke to Wall about a bunch of things, most of which were fairly tame. The most interesting bit for serious Wizards fans was when Wall said he's shooting 2,000 jump shots a day. The most interesting bit for snarky bloggers was when Wall said he wants to be in the dunk contest.

Question ( I’ve seen in a lot of the pickup and charity games such as Chris Paul’s that you’ve put up some crazy dunks.  Have you considered entering the dunk contest?

John Wall: Yea I’m thinking about it, maybe this year or next year I’ll probably enter the dunk contest.

The funny thing about this is how it relates to Nick Young. Young has been very vocal about his desire to be in the competition, but has never been picked. Last year, the NBA selected JaVale McGee over him. Now, will they select Wall? Will Young's jealousy spill over? Tune in next week as we continue this fake soap opera!