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VIDEO: Kobe Bryant Tells A Sad Kwame Brown Story

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The Washington Wizards will hopefully soon be playing basketball again, which means we should see a No. 1 pick in John Wall that actually deserved to the be the No. 1 pick. The last time the Wizards had the No. 1 pick before Wall was when they took Kwame Brown in 2001. Obviously, we know how that turned out.

Now, Kwame is a role player in Detroit. Just to illustrate how inept he was as a basketball player, Kobe Bryant, his former Lakers teammate (Brown was traded to the Lakers for Caron Butler) told a story recently during a visit to UC-Santa Barbara of a time when Kwame didn't want the ball during a game against the Detroit Pistons. Video is below the jump.

(Via Michael Lee)

So down the stretch of the game, they put in a box and one. So I’m surrounded by these players, Detroit players, and Kwame is under the basket, all by himself. Literally, like all by himself. So I pass him the ball, he bobbled it and it goes out of bounds.

"So we go back to the timeout and I’m [upset], right? He goes, ‘I was wide open.’ ‘Yeah, I know.’ This is how I’m talking to him, like, during the game. I said, ‘You’re going to be open again, Kwame, because Rasheed is just totally ignoring you.’ He said, ‘Well, if I’m open don’t throw it to me.’ I was like, ‘Huh?’ He said, ‘Don’t throw it to me.’ I said, ‘Why not?’ He said, well, ‘I’m nervous. If I catch it and they foul me, I won’t make the free throws.’ I said, ‘Hell no!’