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NBA Lockout Update: Tentative Agreement Has Been Reached To End Lengthy Work Stoppage, According To Report

It appears the long and tumultuous NBA lockout is finally over, according to multiple sources including lockout hotel mainstay Ken Berger of Via Berger's late Saturday evening/early Sunday morning column:

The excruciating NBA lockout finally ended early Saturday with a tentative agreement that followed another marathon negotiating session, saving a 66-game season that can start on Christmas.

The 25th negotiating session lasted 15 hours and spanned the 148th and into the 149th day of the lockout, which officially will be lifted once the fine points of the deal are agreed to, the players' union reforms and is recognized by the owners and both sides ratify the new labor agreement.

The owners and and players came together this week for the first time since talks broke down in mid-November, a dissolution of conversation that had many thinking there would be no NBA season at all this year. The Black Friday deal, if it is done, ends a wild five month negotiation that saw multiple ultimatums from the NBA commissioner, repeated failed sessions, numerous false "the lockout is over" tweets from players and those supposedly in the know, and the decertification of the NBA Players Association.

If the deal is agreed upon, the league's plan is to begin the season on Christmas Day with a triple-header. Training camps and free agency would begin on December 9, with the season expected to be 66 games in length.

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