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NBA Lockout 2011 News: Players Pushing For Decertification

A week or so ago there was so much optimism about the NBA Lockout ending, but after a few days of bad negotiations the end of the Lockout has once again become unclear. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo, some players held a Conference call this week to discuss the possibility of decertification of the Union, and that they held these calls without the Union.

The players, frustrated with the deal union officials have been negotiating, held a call on Tuesday to discuss the state of labor talks with the NBA, and explored their options on Thursday with the antitrust attorney, sources said. Said one player on the calls: “If nothing else, this takes us off our heels. Several prominent NBA agents were proponents of the calls, sources said.

It is bad when the players are taking action that they feel "takes them off their heels." Decertification this deep into the negotiation process shows that the two sides are still not very close to a deal. We should have had basketball starting this week, now it seems like we will be going quite a while without it.