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NBA Free Agency: Ernie Grunfeld Confirms Washington Wizards Won't Release Rashard Lewis

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Washington Wizards general manager Ernie Grunfeld gave a press conference to discuss the Wizards' offseason plans. While he was not especially forthcoming on most issues for obvious reasons, he did confirm that the Wizards have no plans to use the Amnesty Clause to release Rashard Lewis, who is due to make nearly $44 million over the next two seasons.

"We're going to study the whole thing, but in all likelihood, we won't Amnesty anybody this year," Grunfeld said.

When asked to elaborate, Grunfeld said he didn't think the timing was right to give the Wizards significant cap room that must be spent to reach the team salary floor.

"This is not a great free-agent market out there. You don't want to tie up too much money now," he said. "We like the balance we have right now and we want to make sure we get our young players an opportunity to get out there and play and continue to get the minutes and develop."

On the subject of restricted free agent Nick Young, Grunfeld didn't say much other than to say he's "had conversations" with his representatives. More generally, he did say the Wizards are looking for a couple veterans.

"We're pretty well-balanced along the roster, but we probably would look for one or two more veteran players to provide some leadership and provide some experience."

Grunfeld also said the Wizards will play two preseason games against the Philadelphia 76ers: at home on December 16 and on the road on December 20.

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