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Ronny Turiaf To Washington Wizards Trade Official, Wizards Receive Additional Draft Picks

The three-way trade between the Washington Wizards, Dallas Mavericks and New York Knicks involving Tyson Chandler and Ronny Turiaf is now official, with Chandler going to the Knicks, Turiaf going to the Wizards and a large trade exception going to the Mavericks. Here are the terms of the deal, per a Wizards press release.

The Washington Wizards announced today that they have acquired forward/center Ronny Turiaf, a 2013 second round pick and cash considerations from the New York Knicks along with a 2012 second round pick from the Dallas Mavericks.  The three-team deal also sends Tyson Chandler, the rights to Ahmad Nivins and the rights to Giorgos Printezis from Dallas to New York while the Mavericks will receive Andy Rautins from the Knicks and a 2012 protected second round pick from the Wizards.

The Knicks could not trade any first-round picks for several years due to the Ted Stepien rule, so this was the next-best incentive for them to entice the Wizards to take Turiaf and open enough cap space to absorb Chandler. It remains to be seen the protection terms of the pick the Wizards will surrender, but the guess here is that New York is unlikely to ever actually be able to use that selection.

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