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Jordan Crawford Explains The Kevin Garnett Incident

Several months ago, there was a story that emerged about Washington Wizards rookie Jordan Crawford being slapped by Kevin Garnett because of too much trash-talking. You may remember it, you may not. On Tuesday, Crawford himself talked about the incident for the first time on the record.

Via Michael Lee of the Washington Post:

Crawford explained that Garnett took exception with some of his words, pushed him and challenged him. Paul Pierce tried to separate them, but Crawford demanded that he let him go. Garnett and Crawford squared up, but they never exchanged punches, and he said Garnett shoved his head away after things had subsided and his back was turned.

So it wasn't a "slap," necessarily, but more of a "shoving of the head." Semantics, I say. Anyway, here's my favorite part of what Crawford said yesterday.

Crawford thinks Garnett was stunned to see him bark back.

"He messed with the wrong one," Crawford said.

Don't ever change, Jordan.