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PHOTO: Washington Wizards Hard Hat Is Available For Purchase

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A few days ago, the Washington Wizards began a new tradition by handing out a hard hat to whichever player worked the hardest in practice. It was an interesting, if corny, gesture that was supposed to be an internal way of motivating players. Now, though, it has morphed into something more.

That's because you can now buy your very own Wizards hard hat, thanks to Dick's Sporting Goods.


Here's how the store describes the product.

Show off your team pride at work by wearing this Washington Wizards hard hat from Wincraft®. This officially licensed hard hat complies with OSHA regulations for industrial head protection and has a pre-lock suspension system to help provide a comfortable fit. The hard hat is brightly decorated in the team colors, has an anti-glare peak, is slotted to accept attachments, and proudly displays the team graphic decals.

I guess the Wizards are engaging in a new push to grab the construction worker demographic.

(HT: We're Off To See The Willards).