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NBA Rumors: Nick Young, Wizards Still Discussing Multi-Year Deal, Flip Saunders Says

Nick Young is still a free agent, and is missing quality training camp time with either the Wizards whichever team wants to bring him in. So I would imagine that he and his camp are probably getting a little antsy to get a contract signed. During his appearance on 106.7 the Fan this morning, it sounded like Flip Saunders was anxious to get Young into camp as well, and that the two sides are still working on a deal.

"We have [the qualifying offer] still on the table. I know Ernie is still talking about something that works out as far as a long, multi-year deal, if that can work out. As in most negotiations, you're always in a situation where players and agents think they're are at one number and you're at a different number. If not, I'm sure he'll sign the qualifying offer and play out this year and see what happens next year." 

"There's still some people we're talking to as far as just in case. But with Nick's situation, what's happened is a lot of the money right now is drying up in some places. I think he's kind of waiting to see if something does happen. There's always trades and seeing if anything pans out with some of those other trades and see where everything falls into place."

It seems like Young wanted to look around for a big deal, but after the new CBA some owners might now be able to pay as much money for Young's services as he might have hoped. The Wizards still want to bring him on board, and certainly have enough cap space to do it, so this seems like the two sides could just wind up together.