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VIDEO: Flip Saunders Curses Out The Wizards After Blowout Preseason Loss

It's only preseason, but the Washington Wizards falling behind by 40 points and ultimately losing by 25 to the Philadelphia 76ers is kind of a problem. Wizards coach Flip Saunders knew it too, and in his post-game press conference, he let his team have it, cursing them out and saying they got their ass beat.

Mind you, this is after game one of the preseason.

In that video, Saunders said he took out his starters because he was "tired of watching that s***." He later said that John Wall played "terrible" and that he has to pick it up. None of these are incorrect statements.

But what does it say about you when it's only game one of the preseason and you are going off like that? I have a sense that Saunders realized the team not being ready to play is ultimately a reflection on him as a coach, and this whole angry routine was partly genuine and partly a means to distract from that point.