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PHOTO: Dwight Howard In A Washington Capitals Hat

Dwight Howard was wearing a Washington Capitals hat at the Orlando Magic's practice on Thursday, which is something athletes do a lot. Well, not specifically wearing Washington Capitals hats, but wearing hats for teams out of their market because they look cool. We all remember Clinton Portis and Phillies hat-gate, right?

Nevertheless, that won't stop some fans from following this five-step vision:

  • Cue mindless hope that Dwight Howard wants to play in D.C.
  • Cue up fantasy trade idea involving Otis Smith actually thinking Andray Blatche is a valuable trade asset.
  • Cue the vision of a rocking Verizon Center in a sea of red, like the Wizards' colors.
  • Cue championships. Not one, not two, not three ... yeah I think you get the point.
  • Cue visions of a four-person dinner summit between Ted Leonsis, Alex Ovechkin, John Wall and Howard where they all show off their championship rings.

(Photo via Joshua Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel).

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