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NBA Free Agency 2011: Wizards Aim To Retain Nick Young

Nick Young is the biggest name on the free agent market that played for the Washington Wizards last year, and according to Michael Lee of the Washington Post, they would like to retain him, even tough he is starting to get some significant interest from other teams.

The Washington Wizards intend to retain him but realize that they will have competition from several teams, including Chicago, Denver, New Orleans, Sacramento and Phoenix, according to sources with knowledge of the situation.

Out Wizards blog Bullets Forever is all for bringing Young back on board, but are a little weary about the price tag that may accompany him.

Fitting Nick Young into the team's current cap situation is not hard right now. The Wizards have given themselves plenty of flexibility for this year. But as much as we hope for big things from the Wizards every year, this is not the year that we should be concerned about. It's those years after that, when John Wall's rookie contract comes up and the team is ready to contend, where the issue arises. When those years come up, the Wizards have to be able to have the means to make significant upgrades to the roster. That's going to be more difficult if the cap number for Young is approaching $10 million down the road once you account for normal raises.*

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