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NBA Trade Rumors: Carmelo Anthony To The Lakers Intrigues Andray Blatche

Wizards forward Andray Blatche will talk about anything, including NBA trade rumors. So of course he was willing to offer an opinion on the "Carmelo Anthony to the Lakers" talk from earlier this week.

"What I thought about it, they still could be a good team," Blatche said. "Kobe at the two, Carmelo at the three, Lamar at the four and Pau at the five. That’s a powerhouse team right there. That’s a good team."

Hit the jump, where things get really weird. Blatche talks about how he doesn't watch TV reports, and compares the Carmelo talk to a different rumor -- one about Hilton Armstrong rubbing his feet.

Blatche dismissed the concern that the Los Angeles would be forfeiting its greatest asset -- size -- in the the deal.

"I mean, that’s Carmelo man," he said, laughing. "Having Carmelo on your team, that’s a great team, man. Carmelo and Kobe Bryant together – man, that’s tough. That’s like LeBron and Dwyane Wade. That’s tough."

Blatche might have an opinion on the deal, but said he's not paying close attention to the trade deadline. In fact, he claims he doesn't follow the media reports.

"I don’t watch TV like that," Blatche said. "I just hear about it when my friends talk about it."

He reiterated the point when teammate Hilton Armstrong expressed doubt that Blatche is deaf to the rumors. "I don’t watch TV like that, I’m dead for real," he said. "I’d rather watch movies on my computer."

So how did this conversation come up then, anyway? Well, Blatche was starting a different rumor. One about how he calls Armstrong to his hotel room to rub his feet on the road.

So which is more likely to be true? Carmelo Anthony on the Lakers or Armstrong the foot masseuse.

"Every rumor have a truth to it, in some kind of way," Blatche said.

"It’s got some truth to it," he added. "It’s a possibility. We’ll see."