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Cavaliers Must Lose To Clippers Tonight To Set Up Historic Battle Of Losing Streaks Against Wizards

Sunday's game may be the most important game the Washington Wizards will play all season. Especially if the Cleveland Cavaliers lose tonight.


The Wizards' road losing streak is now at 25 games, and if the Cavaliers lose tonight to the Los Angeles Clippers, they will have lost 27 games in a row. The two teams meet in Cleveland on Sunday, and something's got to give. Short of the NBA deciding to establish new rules for a tie over the weekend, one of these two epic losing streaks is guaranteed to fall.


Unless of course the Cavs decide to do something crazy and win tonight against the Clippers. It sounds like they're going to try their best to ruin this good story, as point guard Mo Williams is returning to the lineup for the first time since Jan. 15. Will he be enough though to stop Blake Griffin of the Clippers? No, probably not.


And so we're likely to get our wish on Sunday. This game will be like the Super Bowl for each team. Except neither team will leave with any rings. Or any pride.