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Andray Blatche And His Potentially Curious Eating Habits

I might have discovered the secret ingredient missing from Andray Blatche's game, and it has nothing to do with basketball. That missing ingredient? Blatche should start eating lunch.

On Wednesday, the Wizards forward told me he doesn't eat lunch on game days. To be fair to Blatche, it's possible the Wizards forward was joking as he waxed about his eating habits in Andray Blatche Philosopher Mode. But he spoke with such a deadpan voice that it was hard not to believe him.

Hit the jump for Blatche's comments, which came at the end of a lengthy, on-the-record discussion of Blatche's hotel room service advice.

"I really don't eat too much the day of the game. I just eat breakfast in, take a nap, wake up and go to the gym. I don’t eat lunch before the game. That’s crazy."

We then agreed that probably is not a good thing for a professional athlete.

"I don’t think it is. I think that’s why my energy be down sometimes. I think I gotta start eating lunch. I wake up, get me my favorite -- over easy -- and then I just take me a nap and come to the game."

Blatche said the team does have food for players before the game --"Yeah, they got soup for you. Stuff like that." -- as owner Ted Leonsis was quick to point out after the Wall story.

But between this and John Wall's palace of junk food, the Wizards are providing plenty of ammo for people who already think the Wizards are TOO YOUNG AND IMMATURE AND INCAPABLE OF EATING HEALTHY.