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Spurs Vs. Wizards: San Antonio Putting On A Clinic, Leads 72-45 At Half

This is a clinic. Remember how the Spurs were playing their fourth game in five nights and the Wizards would maybe have a chance to steal this game? So much for that. San Antonio put this game away in the before the first quarter was over and leads at the half by a score of 72-43.

Last night the Spurs scored 71 points against Philadelphia -- in the whole game.

This tweet from Bullets Forever beat blogger Sean Fagan says it all:

Spurs Wizards

Tony Parker led the way, compiling 14 points, four rebounds and three steals in the first quarter alone. The Spurs shot 62.5 percent as a team in the first quarter, outscoring the Wizards 16-0 on fast break points and 20-6 in the paint. Yes, really.

The opening minutes were about the only positives for the Wizards as JaVale McGee scored on a pair of solid post moves against Tim Duncan. But The Big Fundamental didn't even play in the second quarter, and the way things are going he might be done for the night.

There's so much to say, and yet really nothing at all. This is just impressive.