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Wizards Vs. Cavs: Washington Scores Early, Often Against Cleveland

Many looked at this Wizards vs. Cavs matchup as Washington's best chance to get a road win this season. Early on, the Wizards look like they're trying to take advantage of the opportunity. Washington led 35-23 at the end of the first quarter. The score at the time of this publish is 51-34 with seven minutes to go in the first half.

Andray Blatche was on fire in the first quarter although he had  although he eventually had to sit with two fouls. His partner in crime Nick Young is carrying the offense. The team is getting good looks and converting at a high rate, a product of 10 assists in the first half (seven courtesy of John Wall.)

Cleveland might have lost some of their sense of urgency after defeating the Clippers on Friday night, ending their 26-game losing streak. If that's the case, the advantage is in the Wizards favor as they are rotating well defensively and generally looking exactly the opposite of the team that got laughed off their home court on Saturday night against San Antonio.