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Wizards Vs. Cavaliers: John Wall Says Winning First Home Game Felt 'Like Christmas'

Going winless on the road is a pretty difficult experience for anyone. But for a rookie it has to be even more difficult. While veterans on the team can remember what it's like to win a road game from previous seasons, rookies like John Wall have no idea what it feels like. It's not just that they hadn't won a road game this year, John Wall and his fellow rookies had yet to win a road game in their entire careers.

So winning on the road on Sunday against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Sunday was a huge relief. According to Kyle Weidle of Turth About It, winning on the road is a great feeling.

"I feel like Christmas. We wanted to get a win, now we hope we can get some more," John Wall said after the game.

Yay!! The most wonderful time of the year!!! Nick Young, you get a power ranger action figure. You get a super nintendo, John Wall. Isn't this time of year just magical?