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NBA Power Rankings: First Road Win Doesn't Earn The Wizards More Respect

The Wizards finally broke through and won their first game on the road this season. That is a minor accomplishment for most teams, but it feels like so much more for this Wizards team because it took much longer than it should have. It seems like that should mean more than it does, and maybe that's why I was surprised to see that the Wizards hadn't risen at all in the SB Nation Power Rankings. They still sit at 28th, the same spot as last week.

The Wizards can finish the season strong. I don't believe that because I believe in the talent not named John Wall on this team. The Wizards are just better than they've performed all season, and I sense a bit of momentum stirring.

I agree. There is no reason why it should have taken the Wizards this long to win a game on the road. It may have been their youth holding them back, but now that they have one under their belt, it may give them the confidence to get a few more by the end of the season.

But that confidence can help them at home too. The Wizards are a young team, and I think they will get better every day. John Wall is improving. Nick Young is finding his role. I would be surprised if they were the third worst team by the end of the season.