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Wizards Vs. Magic: Orlando Leads 48-39 At Half

A pleasant start gave way to a more predicable performance for the Wizards in Orlando. Washington led 18-17 after the first quarter, but enters the half trailing by a score of 48-39.

The Magic finished on a 20-7 run to push their lead before the break. Dwight Howard already has 17 points and five rebounds, once again bullying the Wizards down low.

The bright spot for the Wizards is of course John Wall, who has 19 points on 7-of-12 shooting. Wall is attacking the basketball for points in the paint, and has already shot six free throws. Wall (one assist) is looking for his own shot with Nick Young resting and the rest of his team not hitting. The rest of the Wizards are shooting 22 percent from the field. Oy.

Cartier Martin and Josh Howard are having particularly rough nights -- shooting a combined 0 for 14 from the field. Andray Blatche checks in a comparatively efficient 2 for 10.

Gilbert Arenas has also been relatively quiet. He has five assists, but zero points on just one shot.