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Andray Blatche Air Balls Dunk, Travels In One Spectacular Blooper

Andray Blatche

Wizards fans know this face. It's the half smile, half grimace known to follow a Random Act of Andray Blatche.

This wince-inducing play came in the opening seconds of the Wizards 101-76 loss in Orlando on Wednesday. Video of the play is a guaranteed #facepalm after the jump.

(Video courtesy of the indispensable @outsidethenba)

It can be frustrating to watch Blatche. When he's locked in, his blend of size and smooth makes him tough cover. He's still just 23 years old, and his contract is reasonable by NBA standards. But at times he does things like this that make you shake your head.

In this instance though, it's better to laugh. And to that end, here's a full-size screen grab to admire:

Washington Wizards