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NBA Slam Dunk Contest 2011: JaVale McGee Third Attempt

JaVale McGee had to bring it on his third attempt after Blake Griffin lobbed it off the backboard and stuck his elbow in the rim.

McGee did a dunk without the obvious WOW factor of Griffin's, but might have been more difficult. He came from the baseline and, ducked under the rim, and put down a reverse rock the baby dunk.

The dunk prompted the TNT crew to wax about how tough it is to be a big man in the dunk contest.

Still it remains to be seen whether McGee can pull out this dunk contest win with Griffin gaining steam and bringing out a car and a gospel choir for his final dunk. This contest has officially jumped the shark (car?!) but really in the best way possible. Great times are being had right now, and it's great to see McGee being part of it.