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NBA Dunk Contest 2011: JaVale McGee Falls To Blake Griffin In Final Round

JaVale McGee put on a clinic with his first two dunks and the two-handed dunk was probably the best dunk of the night. But his final dunk could not match the showmanship of contest favorite and NBA darling Blake Griffin. Griffin won with 68 percent of the vote.

The Rookie of the Year front runner and human YouTube reel brought out a choir to sing to him while he dunked over a car on his final attempt. By comparison,McGee's dunk was tame -- but that's only because he had to go to  a second option.

"Definitely had a different final dunk but Serge (Ibaka), he did this dunk I was gonna do," McGee said.

Before the contest, Comcast Sportsnet had video of McGee picking paper out of the net, while dunking. And Comcast's Chris Miller talked to McGee before he left for L.A. about McGee possibly replacing paper with a dollar bill.

But  Ibaka, the Oklahoma City forward, pulled off a similar dunk in an earlier round by pulling a toy off the rim with him teeth. The move cause @Unsilent to note the thievery at the time on Twitter.

Dunk Contest 2011