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Dunk Contest 2011: John Wall Congratulates Blake Griffin After Car Dunk



Okay, we admit it: we're still a little angry that Blake Griffin defeated JaVale McGee in the 2011 Slam Dunk Contest. Griffin won with 68 percent of the vote, but we thought McGee had the most creative dunk of the competition (the two-basket dunk), the most random (the three-ball dunk) and the highest degree of difficulty (the reverse rock-the-cradle).


In the end, though, Griffin's popularity and the presentation of the car dunk got it done for him. But wait, there's controversy! As you can see in the above picture (via our own Michael Katz), that's John Wall, McGee's teammate and passer on one of the dunks, giving Griffin some love after the car dunk. This despite the fact that McGee is Wall's teammate and had one more dunk left. So what gives?


(Before you ask: yes, we are making too much out of this. But like we said at the top: we're still bitter. We'll get over it soon. I promise).