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Wizards Vs. Hornets: Missed It By That Much

So this is starting to become kind of a bummer. The Wizards just don't seem to want to win on the road. That's 25 up, 25 down. I'm still confident that they will be able to eek one out away from home before it's all said and done, but a lot less than I was at this time last month.

The really crushing part is how they've been losing these games. Take last night for example. If John Wall had played a little bit better than the 4 pt 6 reb 7ast line he put up last night, then the Wizards might have had a pretty good chance. Not that it all falls on him, but if he had the type of performance we have come to expect, then they would have been right in the thick of things.

And Jason Smith, what is that guys deal? You can't just come in and drop 20 points in 25 minutes when you're averaging less than five per contest. That shouldn't be allowed. Emeka Okafor missing the game last night was supposed to be a good thing for the Wizards, but it ended up being his replacement that provided the spark necessary to win.

But when it comes down to it, the Wizards very nearly played well enough to win this game. They aren't the Cavs, is what I'm trying to say. They have just had the misfortune of facing teams that are playing slightly better than they are on any given night.

Speaking of the Cavs, the Wizards head to Cleveland in a little bit more than a week, when the Cavs overall losing streak should look something like the Wizards losing streak on the road. That's when I'll que the hyperbole. The movable object vs. the lack of force. Something has to give!

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