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NBA All-Star Game 2011: Who Are You Rooting For?

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The 2011 NBA All-Star Game is underway in Los Angeles, and shockingly there are no members of the Washington Wizards in the game tonight. Truth be told, there are no Wizards who deserve to be in the game anyway.


And so Wizards fans are faced with a crucial choice. Do you root for your Eastern Conference brethren? Or do you root for the West, scorning your local team's rivals like Amar'e Stoudemire and the hated LeBron James.


Of course there's a third maybe likeliest scenario. Maybe you don't have a rooting interest at all, and just want to see a good game between the best players in the league.


Or maybe you're rooting for a meteor strike. Or some other natural disaster that could destroy the Staples Center, thereby destroying the NBA's greatest players, and giving the Wizards a markedly better chance of reaching the playoffs and winning a championship in the near future. Sadistic, sure. But that's what would be best for the Wizards, right?