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Pacers Vs. Wizards: Danny Granger, Indiana Leads 58-49 At Half

Apparently, Nick Young lost his jump shot during the All-Star break. The Wizards leading scorer has three points and has missed all nine of his field goals. Washington trails the Pacers by a score of 58-49.

Andray Blatche carried the Wizards offensively in the first quarter with 12 points, and Washington turned a one-time nine-point deficit into a five point lead at the end of one. But didn't score in the second frame until there was less than a minute left, and no one picked up the slack offensively.

The game has not been particularly pretty on either end, with each team shooting worse than 50 percent from the field (WAS: 39.2 percent IND: 42.2 percent). Washington has missed all five of its three-point attempts.

The Wizards are shorthanded at the point guard position with Kirk Hinrich sitting out tonight. After John Wall picked up a pair of early fouls, Washington has been using forward Josh Howard to run the offense. He has three assists to two turnovers, adding 12 points.

The Pacers plan was to attack the basket, and they've done so -- getting to the line for 18 free throws. Indiana's +5 advantage at the line combined with a pair of three pointers gave it the advantage on the scoreboard in a game where neither team has lit it up offensively so far.