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NBA Trade Rumors: Kirk Hinrich Draws Interest From Hawks

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The NBA trade deadline is heating up in Washington as several Wizards have started to pop up in rumors and rumblings around the league. Kirk Hinrich is the most recent name -- the Hawks are interested in the Wizards guard, according to Yahoo! Sports.

The Atlanta Hawks are working hard to move point guard Mike Bibby, and Washington’s Kirk Hinrich has emerged as a real target for them. Denver’s Raymond Felton and Portland’s Andre Miller also are looming large on the Hawks’ radar, sources say. The Hawks have inquired about the Nets’ Harris, but there are no deal possibilities there, sources said.

I'm not sure exactly what the Wizards gain from swapping Hinrich for Bibby straight up. Sure, Hinrich is set to make $8 million next year compared to Bibby's $6,417,616 so there is a financial gain there, but it's not an enormous difference. (Salary information via ShamSports)

Hinrich has played well for the Wizards backing up John Wall. Those minutes are valuable, as you can see Tuesday night with Hinrich's absence necessitating Josh Howard's services at the point.

Here's a comparison of the two players via Basketball-Reference (click to enlarge).


I'll let you guys be the judge. (No really, tell us what you think in the comments.)