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Mike Bibby To Request Buyout From Wizards, But Team Has No Plans To Give Him One, According To Report

The biggest name the Wizards acquired in the trade that sent Kirk Hinrich to the Atlanta Hawks is Mike Bibby, but it's still an open question whether Bibby will suit up for the team. The veteran point guard reportedly seeks a buyout, but the team, at this point, is not inclined to give him one, according to multiple reports.

Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld reports that Bibby will seek a buyout on his contract. Bibby is on the books for $5.7 million this year and $6.4 million next year.

Mike Bibby will seek a buyout from the Washington Wizards, according to a source close to the point guard.    

The Wizards, however, have historically been very strict about buyouts. They haggled with Zydrunas Ilgauskas for a couple weeks, eventually forcing him to give up a lot of money. Indeed, according to Craig Stouffer of the Washington Examiner, the team plans on having Bibby in the lineup Friday against the Heat.

No plans for a Mike Bibby buyout at this time, according to a #wizards team source. Expected to play tomorrow at Miami.    

Michael Lee of the Washington Post reports the Wizards will consider a buyout, but only if Bibby is willing to give a lot back.